Monday, 17 October 2016

As Announced...

... On Saturday (15th October 2016) I have a new series coming to my YouTube channel, with the Brazilian V8 Stock Cars on Game Stock Car Extreme.

The 12 race series will be uploaded on Monday and Wednesday evenings and will begin on Monday 24th October with Round 1 from Interlagos with the double-header from Gioania for Rounds 4 and 5 on Wednesday 2nd November.

Season Schedule
Round 1 - Interlagos GP - Monday 31st October
Round 2 - Santa Cruz - Wednesday 2nd November
Round 3 - Brasilia - Monday 7th November
Round 4 - Goiania - Wednesday 9th November
Round 5 - Goiania - Wednesday 9th November
Round 6 - Cascavel - Monday 14th November
Round 7 - Curitiba - Wednesday 16th November
Round 8 - Velopark - Monday 21st November
Round 9 - Salvador - Wednesday 23rd November
Round 10 - Taruma - Monday 28th November
Round 11 - Ribeirao - Wednesday 30th November
Round 12 - Curitiba - Monday 5th December

As you will see from the intro video (below) I've created an additional team for the series, sporting the GripTV livery, with myself and GripTV co-founder, Matt Malone in the drivers seats. If you have Game Stock Car Extreme and you would like to add the GripTV team and the talent files to your game (for the 2014 Stock V8 series), send me a private message with your email address and I will email the team folder and the two talent files to you so you can add them to your copy of the game.

What's next?...
I will make an announcement near the end of this series as to what the next series will be, but it is most likely to be further series from Game Stock Car Extreme, mainly as it's one of my favorite sims and I haven't concentrated on all the series from that title as yet.

There will of course still be a few random races from other sims, like Project CARS, Assetto Corsa, Automobilista and there also may be a full season playthough from GTR 2 and RACE 07.

Now for some exclusive stuff...
I am also planning to bring out some content the won't be uploaded to YouTube. This content will be exclusive to my Creator Page patrons. You can go to my page and become a patron by CLICKING HERE.

That's all for now. Keep checking back for more news and go follow me on Twitter @TheBobbyTee for more updates and of course go and subscribe to my YouTube channel for all my videos.

See ya next time!

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